There are certain items that are commonly used as an alternative currency to FJ points, mostly due to their high demand and availability. This page will act as a guide as to the average prices of some of the most commonly traded items.

NOTE: The prices in this guide are based on rarity, demand, and usefulness, and were discussed with several respected members of the Items Game. If you see something you feel should be changed, please let me know.


Items and ValuesEdit

Item Value in FJ Points Image
Rare Item Tickets (RITs) 1.25
Rare Item Ticket
Level 1 Badges 20
Badges Regular
Level 1 Ancient Badge 5
Ancient Badge Lv1
Coal 10
Bucket of coal
Tokens Face Value
Token 25
Pet Crates 30
Pet crate
Hand Picked Bulk (toads, slimes, etc.) 15
Common Food Items 10
Uncommon Food Items 20
Very Cheap Ore (Tin, Silver) 0.3 - 0.4
Tin ore
Cheap Ore (Copper, Gold, Uranium, Fabulous) 0.5 - 0.8
Copper ore
Angelic Ore 1
Angelic ore
Demonic Ore 2
Demonic ore
Runic/Iron Ore 5
Wood 1 - 2
Raw white oak wood
Fabric 1 - 2
Linen fabric
Books of Metallurgy 15
Book of metallurgy
Fabric Merchant 15
The Fabric Merchant
Soul Keepers 30
The soul keeper
Scribes 500
Egg Hoarder 500
The Egg Hoarder
Gem Recipes 1,000
Gem Recipes
Special Gems 1,000
Special Diamond Gem
Korean heroic check 3,000
Korean heroic check

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