OC Reward Badges
OC Reward Honorable Badge
OC Reward: Honorable Badge
Item Information
Type Reward
Source Admin
Ingredients N/A
Crafts Into N/A
Points In/Out N/A
Point Worth 50,000

OC Reward Badges are rewards give to users for uploading successful content of their own creation. As an unbound commodity (i.e. not bound to a specific user's account), they are highly coveted by most users who can't do anything good themselves. The user with the most OC Badges is admin, our glorious leader; however, this is because he is in charge of giving out the awards to talented OC uploaders. There are 10 different OC Badges in total.


OC Badges cannot be crafted, picked up from the dropper, or found in chests. The only way to get an OC Award are to buy one from another user, or to earn it by uploading successful OC content.

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