Regular Badges
Badges Regular
All Level 1 Badges
Item Information
Type Collectible
Source Unknown
Ingredients N/A
Crafts Into Level 2 Badges
Points In/Out Unknown
Point Worth 50

Regular Badges are a collectible item in the Item Game. All have 6 levels, and combining ten of a certain level of badge will create the next one. This essentially makes it harder and harder to get higher level badges as you go along. There are seven types of regular Badges: FJ, Darkness, Radioactive, Fabulous, Angelic, Demonic, and Brony Shoes.

FJ BadgeEdit

FJ Badges are the most common and well known badge, sporting the easily identifyable "FJ" that stands for FunnyJunk . An "FJ Badge Level 5 " is required to use Jewelry Gamblers, along with a God Gem.

Darkness BadgeEdit

The Darkness Badge at its lowest level simply looks like a tarnished FJ Badge; however, as both reach higher levels, the differences become more apparent. At level 6, it is blood red with thorns around the edges and a horned skull on the top. The only user to own a Darkness Badge Level 6 is retrochris, the administrator in charge of the Item Game.

Radioactive BadgeEdit

Master the autism!

Pick up more badges!

You'll never get laid! You'll never be jacked.

~In-Game Description

Radioactive Badges have a unique shape compared to the others, having a heptagonic form. As its level gets higher, it looks more and more like it will give you a second head.

Fabulous BadgeEdit

Fabulous Badges are circular shaped and are a rainbow of colors. This only becomes more true as the badge levels up.

Angelic BadgeEdit

The Angelic Badge lives up to its name, sporting a Christian cross and colored a light metallic green. In shape, it is identical to the Fabulous and Demonic Badges.

Demonic BadgeEdit

A Level 1 Demonic Badge is metallic black with a pentagram in the center; it is the polar opposite of the Angelic Badge.

Brony ShoeEdit

Brony Shoes are different from the other badges. Shaped like a horseshoe, they reference to the children's TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Each level of shoe is themed after one of the main characters in the show.

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